Av. Fatma Ferda Aktürk Öz

Fatma Ferda Aktürk Öz graduated from Istanbul University School of Law. She is a co-founder partner of Öz & Öz Law Office established in 2000 in Istanbul.

She has focused on Media, Telecommunications Law in her early career. She has a great experience of establishing television and radio channels. Ferda Oz was the legal affairs manager of a television company in Turkey and played an important role in establishing associations regarding intellectual property before she pursued her career in Öz & Öz Law Office.

Apart from her particular experience on Media Law, she is a highly experienced litigator and advises on management of processes related to litigation including, but not limited to; Labour Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and enforcement proceedings. Especially, she is also highly-experienced about enforcement proceedings, either the collection of the debt, or obtaining the certificate of insolvency.

She is the current lawyer of a joint venture company which is established with South Korea’s biggest media group. She led the legal work during the foundation period of the joint venture company. After foundation, she successfully established the TV Channels of the company and dealt with the work permits, real estate matters of foreign personals.

She is a member of ONE (Ortak Nesiller Entegrasyonu) Association which she also led successfully the legal works during its foundation period. Ferda Oz still regularly advises ONE Association regarding legal matters.

She knows english.